Online Centering Prayer Groups

As of June, 2018, Contemplative Outreach members began offering Centering Prayer meetings online via Zoom software. It’s an amazing way to practice Centering Prayer with others right from your home!

When you register on the site (the first time you log in), you pick an avatar (an image that displays when your camera is off). If you want, you can shut off your camera and just have the image display while you’re meditating.

You can opt to have both your camera and microphone off when you enter the chapel, and then turn them on as appropriate. The atmosphere is welcoming to newcomers. Your name appears on the screen after you join the meeting, and the leader makes the effort to say hello and engage with everyone. Of course, you can choose any name or just your first name.

It was a breeze to join and get set up. A small file from Zoom will be downloaded if you are using a computer. If you are using any other device, you can download the Zoom app before registering.

After the 20 minute meditation period, there is a brief reading followed by open discussion. Members from all around the world attend.

Right now, the Centering Prayer meetings are:
Monday 9 pm
Thursday 6 pm
Thursday 7:40 pm (Spanish)

To join:
For more information, contact: Pamela Begeman at

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